Did you know Council delivers more than 120 services to almost 160,000 people, spread across 55 townships? While some are less obvious than others, across every life stage you, your family, friends, and others in your community will come into contact with how Council works to support our community, every single day.

Yarra Ranges is the largest metropolitan Council in Victoria with a special mix of both urban and rural areas. Our stunning natural environment, strong community identities, massive geographic area, and the large number of assets we look after means we can't be compared with other neighboring Councils. Whilst our uniqueness does bring some challenges, we are proud to service and support our Yarra Ranges community, to live, work and play in this amazing part of the world. In a snapshot we;

  • Collect rubbish from 65,000 homes each week
  • Deliver more than 46,000 meals on wheels each year
  • Look after 1,764km of roads, 826km of drainage pipes, 654km of footpaths 305 bridges and 196km of trails
  • Provide more than 500 community buildings including sporting pavilions and public toilets, 201 reserves and parks, 177 play spaces, 8 swimming pools and 3 water play parks.

We want your input

Tell us what services and focus areas you would like Council to prioritise investment in for the future. This will help inform the development of the draft budget that reflects community needs now and in to the future.

Right now there are four main ways to get involved.

  1. Share a comment or quick thoughts. Others can also show their support for your ideas (quick answer 'post it' 2 mins)
  2. Share your priorities by giving points to groups of services (if you have 5-10 mins)
  3. Share your more detailed ideas by completing a form (not visible to others on the page, more than 10 mins)
  4. Talk to one of the Council team at a pop-up in your area (see the list for more details)

Each of the activities are explained in more detail below.

  • I've got a lot of ideas to share

    If you need more space to share your ideas, complete the general feedback form.