Welcome to our first step in developing the next Council plan for 2021 - 2025 together with you, the Yarra Ranges community.

We’re calling on our community members to join us in exploring how we can build a safer, stronger and more connected Yarra Ranges. We previously reached out to the community through a range of engagement processes to better understand the challenges and opportunities we face to improve the way we engage on Council projects

After reviewing the results of past community engagement processes, the following themes have emerged as priorities for the Yarra Ranges community:

  • Good governance
  • A good place to do business
  • A strong identity
  • A good place to live
  • Protecting the natural environment

Now is the time to reflect on how Council will prioritise its efforts over the next four years.

2020 brought us unprecedented challenges and we are taking all necessary measures to ensure that participants will be safe under the DHHS safety guidelines during these sessions.

What we've done so far