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We want to hear your thoughts about living, working or being involved in the Yarra Ranges now and into the future.

Be part of developing the 2025-2029 Council Plan and the longer-term Asset and Finance Plans, that outline high-level priorities for Council, including how we manage our finances and assets. The goal of these key plans is to advance Yarra Ranges towards the future outlined in the Community Vision.

Right now, you can get involved by attending a public pop-up activity, completing a hard-copy or digital survey or registering your interest to be part of the upcoming community panel.

We will also be hosting summits for community, businesses and service providers, and meeting with Council’s advisory committees. In this early stage, we want to bring together as much information as possible from community members of all backgrounds, beliefs, abilities and ages.

As the development of the Plans progresses there will be other ways you can get involved, so make sure you click the "Follow" button at the top of the page to stay informed.

Frequently asked questions

The Council Plan is Council’s key strategic document for the four-year electoral term. It describes the goals and objectives that guide the work we do to deliver on the Community Vision for the municipality. It contains the strategies that guide our work, the priority activities we will undertake, the services we provide and how our performance will be measured.

The Local Government Act 2020 states that “a Council must develop or review the Council Plan in accordance with its deliberative engagement practices and adopt the Council Plan by 31 October in the year following a general election.”

Read our current Council Plan (PDF) or (Word).

Whether you live here or visit, you will see how much we care for Country, how inclusive and connected our communities are, and how balanced growth makes this the best place in the world.

The full Community Vision was developed by members of the Yarra Ranges community and describes the aspirations for the future of our municipality in 2036.

The Financial Plan is our long-term commitment to responsible financial management. It outlines Council's financial position, our key risks and issues as well as how we will address them. It also contains a ten-year financial projection based on various assumptions and helps set the annual budgets to ensure strategic objectives in the Council plan can be adequately funded.

Read our current Financial Plan (PDF) or (Word).

The Asset Plan outlines the way we will manage our assets now and into the future. It complements our Asset Management Policy that defines the guiding principles, practices and responsibilities which Council consistently applies in managing the approximately $1.5 billion of infrastructure and property assets.

The current Asset Plan 2022-2032 was adopted in 2022, however it is important to revisit the plan together with the new Council Plan and Financial Plan, to make sure they are all connected.

Be part of moving towards achieving the Community Vision for 2036.

Sharing what is important to you now and your hopes for the future of Yarra Ranges, will make sure the final plans reflect the diversity of needs and aspirations in our community.

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