Community Engagement Roadshow 2023

The purpose of these Roadshow events is to:

  • Create more opportunities for community members to give feedback on what Council does.
  • Provide opportunities to talk with council officers about upcoming projects they are interested in.
  • Hear what you love about your community & also what else you'd like to see in your region.
  • Be inclusive & accessible - every voice counts.
  • And we know some of you just want to talk to us in person, so it's important we come to you & hear about your community

Read more in the Yarra Ranges Council Community Engagement Policy

Roadshow map key

Follow us as we connect with as many of you as we can across our four regions, Upper Valley, Urban, Hills, and Valley.

Click a black pin on the map below to see the list of towns/suburbs in each region.

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Click a green pin on the map below to see where we have been and a summary of what we heard.

Click a blue pin on the map below to see where we will be visiting soon. These planned visits may be subject to change, contact us to find out more or suggest a location in the form below.

Map of Yarra Ranges Council and the four regions

Markers above are indicative of the area only and may not represent exact location

Our next stop

Kilsyth - Elizabeth Bridge Reserve - Tuesday 19 September. *Visits may be subject to change

Contact Us

If you have any questions or want to learn more about the project, contact us below:

Name Sujayne Downie, Community Engagement Officer
Phone 1300 368 333
In writing

Community Engagement Team

PO Box 105

Lilydale Vic 3140

Community engagement team - Pip, Amy & Sujayne

Community engagement team - Pip, Amy & Sujayne