Occurring across 39 kilometres of walking track, ngurrak barring | RidgeWalk invites us to explore the natural wonders, rich histories and cultural offerings of the region. The track leads through forests of towering mountain ash and rich understoreys, passes through townships and emerges to panoramic views of Melbourne. Art and interpretive content of various forms can be discovered across the track.

ngurrak barring | RidgeWalk delivers 14km of new and improved tracks, architectural nodes, permanent sculptures, land art and heritage interpretation. It also includes a program of temporary exhibitions and performances, attracting visitors from across the country and around the world.

ngurrak barring | RidgeWalk's dynamic artistic program provides opportunities for multi-sensory, participatory and educational experiences. It also serves as a platform for ongoing exploration of creativity, history and place.

Some of Australia’s most significant artists, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, have drawn inspiration from the Dandenongs, and the region continues to thrive as a creative hub. ngurrak barring | RidgeWalk examines the human relationship to place, from First Nations people’s connection to Country, to shared contemporary experiences.

ngurrak barring | RidgeWalk is one of the three Ridges and Rivers projects, including the Yarra Valley Trail and the Warburton Mountain Bike Destination.

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