What we heard

During the first round of consultation completed in late 2022, we received over 100 responses and thank everyone who took the time to give feedback on the proposed changes to the 'Five Ways' roundabout and RidgeWalk pedestrian crossing in Kalorama.

We received many detailed and thoughtful submissions. The main themes which emerged are shown in the word cloud below.

Some key highlights from this engagement include:

  • The right-turn ban on Old Coach Road (47%), speeding on Ridge Road (28%) and the location of the pedestrian crossing on Mount Dandenong Tourist Road (23%) were the top three concerns for respondents regarding the proposed concept design.
  • 52% of respondents mentioned the importance of preserving the historical, environmental and heritage value of the area.

  • 71% of respondents who identified speeding as a concern supported traffic calming treatments (speed humps and/or rumble strips) on Ridge Road approaching the roundabout.
  • 65% of respondents who commented on the pedestrian crossings preferred a crossing point on Mount Dandenong Tourist closer to the café.
  • Suggestions to improve footpath connections along Mount Dandenong Tourist Road between Kalorama Oval and ‘Five Ways’.

Your feedback has helped us understand what’s important to you as well as providing local insights, including the safety and history of the area.

What happens next

These comments will inform the next stage of developing some alternative design options.

There will be further opportunity for consultation and voting on preferred designs in the next few months.

Follow this page to stay updated on the project and a drop-in information session currently being planned, where you can chat with our project team, learn more about the design options and provide your feedback.

Project background

During the development of the RidgeWalk Masterplan, Council engaged an independent traffic consultant to complete a Parking, Pedestrian and Transport Study. The aim of the study was to identify issues that may be created by the development of the RidgeWalk network and propose actions to address these issues.

That study identified the ‘Five Ways’ roundabout as a high priority crossing location, with recommendations to improve:

  • Pedestrian crossing facilities on Mount Dandenong Tourist Road
  • Intersection safety at ‘Five Ways’ roundabout
  • Parking supply on Ridge Road, north of ‘Five Ways’ roundabout

Council was then successful in securing funding from TAC to further investigate these issues.

Council is currently advocating for funding to the State Government for the delivery of these vital saftey improvements.

The RidgeWalk Project is a 39 km walking track which celebrates the art, landscape, history and culture of the Dandenong Ranges. RidgeWalk delivers 14 km of new and improved pathways which will encourage physical activity, provide spaces for social gatherings and foster greater engagement with the environment and culture.

The track will cross key roads such as the ‘Five Way’s roundabout in Kalorama, at the intersection of Mount Dandenong Tourist Road, Ridge Road, Old Coach Road and Barbers Road.

Council in consultation with key stakeholders such as PTV and VicRoads have prepared a draft concept design to improve pedestrian and traffic safety at ‘Five Ways’ roundabout.

We are now seeking your feedback on the concept design. The key features include:

  • A pedestrian refuge island on Mount Dandenong Tourist Road.
  • Relocating the bus stop – currently in the middle of the roundabout – further east (approx. 25 m) on Mount Dandenong Tourist Road.
  • Formalising the gravel car parking spaces north of the ‘Five Ways’ roundabout on Ridge Road.
  • Banning right-turn movements from Old Coach Road.

View the concept design

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