RidgeWalk is a contemporary art experience with stories expressed through a variety of creative platforms. Art and signage will be paced along the track to provide visitors with rich and diverse cultural encounters while preserving the natural experience.


Five nodes located along RidgeWalk each represent a key theme of the project. These designed spaces are destinations focused on learning through storytelling, heritage and interpretation. The role of the nodes is to engage visitors in learning experiences that heighten their curiosity of the themes and stories of RidgeWalk. The designated theme for each node informs its unique design. Stories, images and interpretive material expressed within the built elements of the nodes enable visitors to learn about the shared cultural histories of this place.

Permanent Art

The collection of permanent art includes substantial sculptures or land art with a minimum lifespan of 15 years. These works are significant in concept, scale and material. They are site specific and respond to the surrounding country, community and history. Four permanent artworks are allocated funding in the RidgeWalk capital budget, and two of these are significant Indigenous art projects.

Temporary Art & Programming

RidgeWalk maintains a diverse mix of temporary art and programming. Highlights include installations, performances and other actions occurring at specific locations for a defined period. The lifespan for temporary works can be from one day to one year. These ephemeral experiences are developed through artist residencies, partnerships, commissions or other targeted programs.

Digital – Beyond Site

A webpage and app with audio-guide and augmented reality capabilities are developed for RidgeWalk. These digital tools function as practical visitor guides, learning hubs, participatory vehicles and tools for artists to express creative content.

Wayfinding and Interpretive Signage

Signage along the track provides both practical guidance and enriching cultural information. In addition to wayfinding, signage interprets many of the historical stories of the region and provides users with engaging provocations to enhance their journey.