The art of RidgeWalk challenges and changes our perceptions of the natural and cultural landscapes of the Dandenong Ranges. Creative projects are designed with learning in mind will be experiential and exploratory.


The landscape of the Dandenong Ranges is at the heart of all content. All aspects of the project reflect the deepest respect for the land and its Traditional Owners. All artwork and concepts are driven by a response to the site’s historical or environmental context and the land on which they are created.

Culturally Respectful

All creative outputs are culturally respectful. Cultural ownership is honoured by an assurance that representation of Indigenous culture is Indigenous-led and community specific.


Projects are participatory and inclusive, and there are opportunities for community co-creation and co-curation. The experience for the participant is interactive, sensory and diverse. The participant moves through an experiential environment, accessing cultural content using multiple senses.


Art sites spaced along the track evolve and change over time. Projects and spaces transform to create new contemporary experiences. There is a mix of event-based, ephemeral and permanent work.