Thank you to our community members for recently providing feedback on the concept design for the Playspace renewal at Morrisons Reserve.

We’ve listened and valued your feedback given by the community, this information will help to further guide and develop the concept designs for the Playspace.

We have heard from community members within Mount Evelyn and surrounding suburbs close by that the farm yard is important and well-loved to the community. Whilst the current equipment is highly utilised, it has reached the end of its life.

You told us:

  • More seating and park furniture throughout the park is needed.
  • You would appreciate access to toilets close by to the playspace area.
  • Maintain the current natural features and open space grassed areas.
  • Landscape and garden beds are important to create a welcome and inviting playspace.
  • You would like to see the tractor repainted and kept the colour red.

In response:

  • The proposal for the playspace includes a varety of combination units with slides, rope play, birds nest swing and seating areas.
  • We’ve included elements catering for young children, such as nature play elements and a junior slide.
  • We’re also proposing to refurbish and relocate the tractor-trailer within the playspace.

What happens next

Thanks for providing your feedback which has helped to inform this playspace upgrade.

The plans for this space are in the detailed design phase and we look forward to sharing these with you soon !

We will then provide links to follow the construction journey of Councils projects and works.

Previous engagement and what we heard

Morrison Reserve's playspace is moving south and we are making upgrades. We want your feedback on our draft design.

We developed a draft design incorporating the feedback given in earlier stages of the Morrison Reserve Project.

What you told us:

  • The space is used by children to explore, make friends and use their imagination.
  • It is very important to the health and wellbeing of our community.
  • Most people arrive by car.
  • You would like to see bike facilities in the area.
  • The farm theme is well-loved.
  • Additional play equipment to cater to older children.

Click on the images below to expand the plans.

Examples of proposed equipment