The Morrison Reserve Project is a strategic approach to improving the sport and recreation facilities and features at Morrison Reserve, Mt Evelyn. It is being developed in response to identified community needs, opportunities and modest population growth of approximately 5% projected in the area by 2041.

The site is a multi-use precinct that supports a range of uses including:

• Educational organisations

• Community facilities

• Structured sporting activities such as football and soccer

• Unstructured recreational activities such as walking and playing

Project elements

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Project site map

map of Morrison Reserve

Overview map of Morrison Reserve Project site


Following extensive consultation and research, issues and opportunities were identified and ideas for the future considered for Morrison Reserve and surrounding area.

Proposals for the area incorporated into the draft Morrison Reserve Masterplan, now open for Community Engagement include;

  • Youth Activity Hub (playspace, bike park, social spaces, toilets).
  • Improved path connections for walking, dog walking cross country running etc. with extra shade, seating and shelters.
  • Upgrade of soccer pavilion and conversion of the sportsground to a synthetic surface.
  • Minor improvements to the netball and athletics facilities.
  • Parking options to support increased usage of the reserve.
  • Upgrade of the school oval to support community use.
  • Advocate for the development of the oval and a four-court stadium at the Yarra Hills Secondary College.

What we have heard previously

During our previous Community Engagement, we received 140 contributions on what our upgrade priorities should be. These priorities are reflected in the Morrison Reserve Masterplan and future funding applications for projects.

Here were your top priorities:

  1. Installation of a public toilet.
  2. Upgrades to the soccer pitch.
  3. A new bike park.
  4. Upgrade to the Southern Sport Pavillion.
  5. Playspace renewal.

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