We received a large amount of detailed feedback.

Once this has been documented and analysed, it will inform the next steps of the Monbulk UDF project.

What is the Urban Design Framework (UDF) and what does is mean for Monbulk?

This is your opportunity to help shape the future vision, design and development in Monbulk township and we are asking for your feedback on the draft Monbulk Urban Design Framework (UDF).

The draft UDF is a plan to shape the future of Monbulk Township. It builds on the Monbulk Community Plan 2015-2020 and the Monbulk Structure Plan 2017 and is supported by feedback from the community, local businesses, and advice from technical experts.

The UDF builds on what residents, workers, and visitors love about the area. It provides guidelines, standards, and plans to help decision-making and includes things like transport, car parks, housing, and recreational facilities.

Ultimately, it will ensure any new development fits seamlessly with the existing environment to make Monbulk a functional, enjoyable, and attractive place to live, work and visit.

Watch the video below to find out more about the Urban Design Framework or you can view the recording of the webinar held on 8th March.

The precincts and key places

The draft UDF highlights three distinct areas (precincts) within Monbulk Township, each with its characteristics and opportunities to address the local needs now and into the future.

It details a vision for each precinct:

  • Precinct 1 - Main Road Activity Centre
  • Precinct 2 - Moores Road Recreation
  • Precinct 3 - Monbulk Civic ​

    The draft UDF outlines concept designs for site-specific locations (key places) within these precincts.
    While these places would require further strategic and planning processes, the UDF provides each key place with its vision and design objectives to guide future work.

    Click on the dots to learn more about the precinct and the key places.

  • A map defining the boundary of the three precincts

    How to be involved

    Share your feedback online or in person.

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    Come chat to us about the draft UDF!

    We will be holding weekly drop in sessions, no appointments needed

    Monbulk Living & Learning Centre - 21 Main Road, Monbulk :

    • Thursday 9 February - 10.00am to 2.00pm
    • Wednesday 15 February - 1.00pm to 5.00pm
    • Monday 20 February - 10.00am to 2.00pm
    • Thursday 2 March - 1.00pm to 5.00pm
    • Wednesday 15 March - 4.00pm to 8.00pm

    Webinar - Held on Wednesday 8 March

    7.00pm to 8.00pm

    At the webinar, Council staff presented, discussed and answered questions about the Monbulk UDF.

    View the webinar recording.

    Please see following answers to the questions that were raised in the webinar.



    Am I correct in saying that the majority of the drop in sessions have been held during the working day excluding those who leave the town to work?

    Most drop in sessions have been held during normal business hours. These times and days have varied. The last of the drop in sessions is to be an evening session (Wednesday 15 March 2023, 4:00pm until 8:00pm) to provide an opportunity for those who couldn’t attend the other sessions to attend.

    what is the definition of rural . monbulk is a town not a city

    Monbulk is a rural town with urban aspects such as a commercial Main Street, community services and residential neighbourhoods. Strong views to the surrounding hills, treelined streets and heavily vegetated private gardens dominate urban areas ensuring that Monbulk has a rural character. The Urban Design Framework is seeking to ensure that rural character is protected.

    Are there any renewable incentives involved in the development?

    Council-led projects will be undertaking best practice methods that focus on high quality sustainable and renewable outcomes. For private development Council will advocate for these outcomes through provision of policy and guidelines.

    It was noted under a phase two, areas outside of main area you are showing you would be changing housing density restrictions. Can you please elaborate further what you are proposing

    Following the completion of the Monbulk Urban Design Framework, Council will then undertake further work that has arisen from the Monbulk Structure Plan and this includes the consideration of rezoning some residential land within Monbulk from Low Density Residential Zone to Neighbourhood Residential Zone. The community will be afforded the opportunity to provide feedback on this proposal at a later date.

    Is Council likely to sell Council land to developers as part of the Monbulk Township development?

    For residential development to occur on Council owned land, Council will be required to sell the land. Only land to be used for residential purposes would be sold.

    Why did the Council allow Mitre 10 to build a five story timber racking at the E roundabout. It is not beautiful as you said but UGLY Eyesore to the gate way to Monbulk

    Council is hoping through the development of the Monbulk UDF to create a public art treatment at the roundabout at Main Road and Monbulk Road that draws attention to and announces one’s arrival into Monbulk.

    Approximately what percentage of funding is likely to be received from the Vic State Government 20-Minute Neighborhood Initiative? What agreements would be made to receive this funding?

    Council cannot confirm that any funding from the State Government will be received for any proposed projects. Council will be applying to the State Government through a formal application process, and if successful will be advised the amount of funds to be provided by the State Government.

    Given that Monbulk is in a Bushfire risk area, why does Council believe any increase in population is appropriate? Aged care in particularly is cause for concern in a Bushfire risk area

    Council needs to be prepared for any population growth that could occur in any of its 64 townships, of which Monbulk is one of them. Monbulk is only expecting a modest population growth over the next 20 years. Council cannot influence market conditions, including if people choose to live in Bushfire Prone Areas. The provision for aged care in Monbulk is to provide an option for lifelong residents of Monbulk to remain in Monbulk without the need to move away.

    Option D is preferable to all the residents we have spoken too as well as MADCOW but you continue to favour your own wants. None of you live here but go home to areas you don't affect. PLEASE be fair as you affect our lives every day

    Council is taking feedback on all options proposed for the Village Green.

    What has been the cost of preparing these proposals to date? (Referring to both Monbulk & Warburton)

    The UDFs to date have been developed in house utilising existing organisational resources.

    Where will people who live in the proposed residential areas park their cars?

    Each residential dwelling will be required to provide secure on site parking. These details will be considered as part of the future planning permit application.

    Would you look at linking Moores road to the round-about? The intersection is already difficult at times and proposed development will make it worse

    Council is aware of the conflict of the roundabout near to Moore Road. As the roundabout is a VicRoads infrastructure item, Council cannot guarantee the ability to improve this treatment. The alignment of Moores Road to the roundabout would require the acquisition of private land, again which Council cannot guarantee. Through the UDF Council has provided new pedestrian crossings away from this roundabout to reduce the conflict potential between vehicles and pedestrians.

    CFA MONBULK will not confirm the council has consulted them . Is there a report I can read.

    As part of the engagement process, the Country Fire Authority were notified of the Monbulk Urban Design Framework through their statutory referrals process.

    what smart city technology will be used to satisfy the requirements of the state government grant?

    No smart city technology will be used in any application for State Government funding of Monbulk Urban Design Framework projects.

    How will the added population including existing population flee a bush fire in electric vehicles and no electricity and few exits

    The CFA have been notified of the proposed Urban Design Framework and they will be notified of any future projects that result from the Urban Design Framework. They are the authority best placed to comment on the risk of development within Monbulk to bushfire.

    How will you follow up the questions not answered?

    All questions within the webinar have been answered on the Frequently Asked Questions portal on the Monbulk Urban Design Framework Shaping Yarra Ranges webpage.

    The majority of the costs are from YR Council where is that money coming from?

    Some actions and concept designs proposed by the UDF may have financial implications in the future. These actions and design projects may be undertaken within existing resources, be included in annual Department Business Plans, or are projects that will be committed to and included in the Council budgetary process such as the 10-year capital program.

    Still no answer on how you will ensure ONLY elderly can buy these proposed houses

    Council can never guarantee who will reside in any dwelling, this is market driven. Council will advocate to prioritise the elderly if any residential development of the of the Village Green area occurs.