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To make it easier to view and download we have broken the document into the following sections.
  • Section 1 - Introduction

    Provides a design vision for Monbulk, an overview of the project area, intended outcomes and the relationship of the Draft Monbulk UDF with existing frameworks

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  • Section 2 - Context

    Outlines current characteristics and planning controls around the centre of Monbulk.

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  • Section 3 - Analysis

    Breaks the Monbulk Town Centre into three precincts based on issues and opportunities that impact the community’s experience of the Monbulk Town Centre, and maps where these occur.

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  • Section 4 - Frameworks

    Looks at the design principles behind the UDF.
    Provides design solutions and outlines the preferred development character of the precincts within central Monbulk.

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  • Section 5 - Places

    Concepts for key sites demonstrating possible design responses to achieve the preferred character of Monbulk.

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  • Section 6 - Actions and costings

    A summary of actions to deliver on the vision and design concepts of each precinct's framework, along with estimated likely timeframes and costs for each.

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  • Section 7 - Glossary

    Short explanations of commonly used place making, urban design, and planning terms.

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