Lions Park is a linear space connecting Main Street Lilydale and Hardy Street. It contains a walking trail that follows Olinda Creek to Lillydale Lake Park.

This space is currently underutilised and can attract undesired behaviours, leading to some safety concerns.

This project proposes to:

  • Improve connection between Lilydale Lake & Melba Park
  • Enhance Olinda Creek presence
  • Respect natural flood events by integrating levee walls and embankment
  • Create a green corridor with grassland, connected tree canopies and urban forest
  • Open views and enhance safety
  • Create activity hubs and gathering places

The project is expected to be completed in December 2022

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Through our preliminary consultation, numerous issues and opportunities have been identified.

General issues

  • The current area does not provide opportunities for gathering and an appreciation of nature
  • The surrounding buildings do not address the park
  • Lack of lighting, wayfinding and seating
  • Weed trees species along the water edge
  • Rubbish in the park and along the water edge.

General opportunities

  • Investigate urban edible forest to mitigate climate change
  • Future design to be inclusive for all users and encourage gatherings and an appreciation of nature
  • Encourage the activation of the facade of the surrounding buildings to take advantage of the park
  • Improve lighting, wayfinding and seating
  • Respecting indigenous culture and incorporating it into the design where appropriate.

The feedback is presented in more detail on the maps below. If you have an issue or opportunity you would like to add, you can share it on the map below.



The issues we've identified are noted in the map below. Click on the icons for more information.



We've proposed the following opportunities to address the issues identified. Click on the icons for more information. Actual designs will be prepared and presented in later stages.

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