The way that we use our bins will be changing in coming years.

The State Government is driving a new waste and recovery system to reduce the amount of items going into landfill. Every household in the state will have a new bin system through Council to make this happen.

Currently, bins available to households include:

  • Landfill waste, collected weekly (green lid)
  • Recyclables, collected fortnightly (yellow lid)
  • Optional Green waste, available in some parts of Yarra Ranges and collected fortnightly (lime green lid)

By 2030, Councils in Victoria will have a bin system that separates waste into:

  • Landfill waste (red lid)
  • Recyclables (yellow lid)
  • Food and garden organics (including scraps, garden waste and weeds) (lime green lid)
  • Glass (purple lid or a local drop-off service)

We’re hoping to start changing our bin system from late 2023.

The switch to a four stream system will mean that food waste is diverted away from landfill and recyclable materials – including paper, hard plastics and glass items – are better sorted and more easily turned into new items. By having multiple bins and a food organics bin, with information about what items go where, community members will have significantly less rubbish in their landfill waste bin.

This will also coincide with the State Government’s Container Deposit Scheme starting in 2023, where community members will be able to drop off drink containers such as plastic and glass bottles and receive a small payment. We’re waiting for more details about the Container Deposit Scheme and will share information from the State Government as it is confirmed. The introduction of the Container Deposit Scheme may change how Council’s glass collection services are managed.

We are also working with other Council’s within the Eastern suburbs to establish an Alternative Waste Technology Facility which could include a component of Waste-to-Energy to reduce or eliminate the need for landfill disposal. This would assist in reducing the environmental footprint associated with the collection and disposal of waste.

We’re starting to plan for the rollout of the new bin system in Yarra Ranges, but want to hear from you first.

We want to know what you think about our current waste services in the region – including the frequency of our bin collections, the size of our bins on offer and our hard waste services, so we can make sure that any changes to the services suit the community’s needs.

Help shape the new waste plan - take the survey

Your feedback may change how – and how often – we collect waste in Yarra Ranges.


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