The Warburton UDF was adopted by Council on 26 March 2024. It will help guide Council's decision-making and project priorities for Warburton.

Warburton Urban Design Framework – Council Meeting

Firstly, we would like to say a big thank you for the interest and contributions to the development of the Warburton Urban Design Framework. We have found the Warburton community to be very engaged and we have enjoyed the conversations and insights that each person has brought. Many of you have put a lot of time and thought into your contributions, and a lot of the discussions have been constructive and respectful which we have appreciated.

You may be aware that some additional Targeted Consultation has been carried out with key community groups over the past couple of months and we have made some further updates to the UDF in response to this.

Of particular note are:

  • retention of the tennis courts in their existing location,
  • reduction in the parking provisions at the Redwood Centre
  • relocation of the cricket nets
  • multi use linemarking of the additional netball court
  • additional information about the alignment with the Burndap Birrarung burndap umarkoo (Yarra Strategic Plan)

We are very pleased to now advise that at the Council meeting on Tuesday night, 26 March 2024, Yarra Ranges Council adopted the Warburton Urban Design Framework (UDF).

The Council Resolution was moved by Cr Jim Child and Seconded by Cr David Eastham, and was passed as per the following:

That Council

  • Adopt the Warburton Urban Design Framework in accordance with the Attachment 1 - Proposed Final Warburton Urban Design Framework - updated to ensure consistency by replacing the last three sentences on p54 under ‘Preferred Character’ with the words “The safety of traffic and vehicle movements will be monitored and assessed once a new turning circle has been delivered, and any further improvements to pedestrian safety, traffic and parking will be explored as needed”.
  • Note the findings from community consultation and subsequent targeted consultation, and the proposed changes shown in Attachment 2 - Marked Up Draft Warburton Urban Design Framework.
  • Write to submitters to thank them for their engagement and advise them of the outcome of the Council Meeting.
  • Request Officers, in collaboration with key authorities and the Warburton Emergency Planning Group, to investigate options for a Place-Based Emergency Assessment for Warburton and the associated highway corridor.

View the minutes from the Council Meeting

With the adoption of the Warburton UDF Council can now begin to do more detailed design of individual projects and have more detailed conversations with relevant authorities. This will include each project’s own consultation with community and we will work closely with key stakeholders throughout the process. It also enables us to seek funding for delivering the projects so the community can see benefit from the UDF.

In the meantime we invite you to have a read through the final adopted Warburton Urban Design Framework - link above.

Thank you once again for your interest, and involvement with the Warburton Urban Design Framework.

News updates

What is the Urban Design Framework (UDF) and what does is mean for Warburton?

The draft UDF is a plan to shape the future of the Warburton Township. It builds on the Warburton Place Plan adopted in Nov 2021, and is supported by feedback from the community, local businesses, and advice from technical experts.

The UDF expands on what residents, workers, and visitors love about the area. It provides guidelines, standards, and plans to help decision-making and includes things like transport, car parks, housing, and recreational facilities.

Ultimately, it will ensure any new development fits seamlessly with the existing environment to make Warburton a functional, enjoyable, and attractive place to live, work and visit.

Watch the short video below to find out more about the Urban Design Framework or you can view the recording of the webinar held on 1st March.

The precincts and key places

The draft UDF highlights four distinct areas (precincts) within Warburton Township, each with its characteristics and opportunities to address the local needs now and into the future.

It details a vision for each precinct:

  • Precinct 1 - Warburton Gateway
  • Precinct 2 - Yarra Town Centre
  • Precinct 3 - Warburton Recreation ​
  • Precinct 4 - La La Town Centre

    The draft UDF outlines concept designs for site-specific locations (key places) within these precincts.
    While these places would require further strategic and planning processes, the UDF provides each key place with its vision and design objectives to guide future work.

    Click on the dots to learn more about the precinct and the key places.

  • An aerial view defining the boundary of the four proposed precincts