Thank you for your feedback which has informed this project. Detailed plans for the Thomas Avenue Turning Area have been completed and works are expected to occur by mid 2024.

Thomas Avenue, Warburton runs along the banks of the Yarra River and is popular with locals and tourists.

In December 2019, a street-sweeper accidentally hit part of a building while turning into Story Lane, closing access through to Thomas Avenue. Following the incident, we asked the community if the lane should remain closed or not. You gave us a lot of feedback about both the future of Story Lane and access along Thomas Ave.

The feedback highlighted the need for an improved turning circle at the end of Thomas Avenue, near Story lane.

We are looking for your thoughts on the draft design for the western end of Thomas Avenue. The key features of the new plan include:

  • Continuation of rock wall edging along the edge of the court bowl area.
  • Connecting the footpath between Story Lane and the existing path along the Yarra River.
  • A nine metre radius court bowl to allow cars to turn around in a single movement. Larger vehicles (eg waste collection or delivery vehicles) and vehicles with trailers will still require a multiple point turn. These vehicles will continue to be discouraged from using the road, by keeping the signage at the entrance of Thomas Avenue.
  • Different surface materials at the interface of Story Lane and rear access to 3371 – 3375 Warburton Highway to encourage vehicles to slow down and give priority to vehicles along Thomas Avenue. This will be the only change to the surfaces in the area.
  • Improved drainage connections.
  • Extension of landscaping/ vegetation areas in front of 3377 and 3379 Warburton Highway and at the western end of the court bowl
  • Maintaining vehicle crossings to 3377 and 3379 Warburton Highway to align with existing access to properties.
  • Retaining walls to be added where necessary for safety.
  • Parking to be restricted to existing designated areas so that turning vehicles will not be blocked by parked vehicles.
  • The proposal is fully contained within the existing road reserve and crown land. No acquisition of private property is required.