Thank you to our community members for recently providing feedback on the concept design for PJ Mould Community Park.

We’ve listened and valued your feedback which has helped to inform our final design for the park.

PJ Mould Community Park project is planned to be delivered in two stages.

  • The park upgrade and new toilet works will form Stage One.
  • Remaining work, including the Memorial Space (noted on plan), is pending detail design and delivered in Stage Two.

Follow this page for project updates.

Final design

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Previous engagement and what we heard

Following extensive community engagement and feedback, Council adopted Wandin North Masterplan in July 2023.

Upgrading PJ Mould Community Park will be the first project coming from this Masterplan, providing the community with essential services, such as public toilet, drinking fountain and picnic facilities.

Based on community feedback, the key elements considered as part of this upgrade were:

  • Upgrading the toilet block, to ensure accessibility for all and prevent further incidents of flooding.
  • Potential to relocate the War Memorial from its current position into PJ Mould Reserve, subject to further consultation.
  • General Park improvement, including more informal gathering space, park furniture upgrade, re-planting of shrubs and groundcovers, and improving pathways.

We continued to consult with stakeholders including the RSL and Wandin Rotary Club, along with asking for community feedback on the developed concept plans.

Issues identified

The issues identified are noted in the map below. Click on the icons for more information.

Initial concept

The opportunities identified are noted in the map below. Click on the icons for more information.

Concept plan

Click on the hotspots below to find out more about the proposed improvements outlined in the concept plan for PJ Mould Community Park, then share your feedback in the survey below. Please note that any images are indicative only.