As part of the ngurrak barring (RidgeWalk) trail, we’re planning to upgrade several pedestrian crossings and footpaths across the Dandenong’s.

We want to develop a solution that:

  • Creates a pedestrian-friendly town for all ages and abilities
  • Supports local communities and businesses

  • Promotes walking rather than driving
  • Encourages safer speeds for drivers

We are proposing to install a raised intersection with pedestrian crossings in the heart of Sassafras on Mount Dandenong Tourist Road and Mountain Highway.

We have worked closely with schools, businesses and other key stakeholders in Sassafras over the past few months to understand their needs and aspirations. We now want to hear from you! Your feedback will inform our design and shape the future of Sassafras.

Share your feedback in the short 10-minute survey below. You can also click the 'follow' button at the top of the page to sign up to Shaping Yarra Ranges and be kept in the loop with updates for this project.

Thanks for your feedback!

We are reviewing and will report back late 2023

Proposed design

Below you will find the proposed design for the area. You can click on the pulsing buttons on the image to learn more about each feature.Please note this is an artist impression and the final design is subject to change.

Image: Artist impressions of Sassafras main street showing proposed design