The challenge for the Structure Plan is to:

  • define preferred locations for retail/commercial activity
  • identify potential opportunities to link retail/commercial areas with transport and community facilities;
  • identify a complementary role for any additional retail/commercial development such as within the redevelopment of the Lilydale Quarry land;
  • identify preferred locations for residential intensification that will not displace other land uses;
  • provide direction regarding preferred height, siting and design of residential intensification opportunities that will complement the character and sense of place in Lilydale;
  • identity and recommend preferred planning or other controls to facilitate desirable redevelopment outcomes; and
  • identify recommended planning controls that will prioritise retention of the industrial/business parks.


Diverse housing, employment growth and a mixture of land uses in the Lilydale Activity Centre will support a growing township that is vibrant and resilient, promoting Lilydale as a place to live and work locally.

New housing will be more dense, diverse and affordable and located in close proximity to the new railway station and local services to support local living and the concept of a 20 minute neighbourhood.

Growth in hospitality sectors and innovation based-industries will provide the Lilydale community with more places to work while growth in retail and commercial services and facilities will meet day-to-day needs.

As the economy recovers from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a need to understand the implications on the existing sectors and ensure Lilydale maintains a sustainable local economy into the future.

As Lilydale grows, new development will complement and enhance the special village character that is valued by the Lilydale community.