The challenge for the Structure Plan is to:

  • identify one or more highly accessible locations that could become known as the ‘town centre’;
  • identify potential for the ‘town centre’ to be connected to other public spaces and be located and designed to support preferred land use outcomes; and
  • identify whether a multi-purpose community hub can be established within the activity centre.


Lilydale will have new centres for the community to gather and foster a sense of belonging.

Community facilities and key public destinations will be highly accessible and integrated and will contribute to the role and vitality of the core of the activity centre.

In addition to community facilities, the activity centre will have a diverse range of highly accessible and inviting public spaces, both formal and informal, where the community can interact, learn, and socialise.

The public spaces will be linked to the existing larger open spaces and designed wherever possible to incorporate elements of the history of Lilydale.