The challenge for the structure plan is to:

  • define a position with regard to delivery of the Lilydale Bypass as the significant structural change that will enable a range of land use and transport objectives to be achieved;
  • identify an aspirational role for Main Street as a pedestrianised and activated Main Street;
  • provide a vision for the role of local roads until a bypass is delivered;
  • identify the land use, transport and/or other recommendations to leverage from the investment in the grade separation; and
  • identify land use, transport or other opportunities that arise from relocation of the train station and bus interchange;
  • identify specific projects and/or other actions that will enhance accessibility for pedestrians, cyclists and those with mobility impairments; and
  • identify possible road based and other connections into the southern part of the activity centre.


Lilydale will be an easy town to get around, with quality roads and public transport infrastructure.

Reconfiguration of the movement network will improve traffic flows and enhance connectivity and effectiveness of existing and new transport infrastructure.

Road improvements will reduce car dependency and congestion, and increase walkability and land use integration within the core of Lilydale.

Lilydale’s movement network will create positive travel experiences for visitors and locals, connecting the community to local services and key destinations using a variety of transport modes.