The challenge for the Structure Plan is to:

  • identify ways in which visibility and accessibility to and between the important open space assets can be improved;
  • identify ways in which the sense of place can be enhanced throughout the activity centre;
  • retain and enhance significant street tree plantings;
  • guide the redevelopment process to avoid excessive building heights that may impact on the character of Lilydale; and
  • identify opportunities for delivery of additional, diverse open spaces to assist in meeting open space needs and to complement other streetscape objectives.


Lilydale will become recognised for the character and quality of its streets and network of public spaces throughout the activity centre.

The key streets will incorporate large scale street trees that will complement the plantings in Main Street creating a sense of place, protection for pedestrians and helping to reduce the urban heat island impacts.

Following delivery of the Bypass, Main Street will incorporate a recognised ‘town centre’ space and land that was formerly occupied by road pavement will be occupied by landscaping, public art and other installations that will encourage visitation by locals and visitors.

The history of Lilydale will be celebrated in the public spaces and the wayfinding in the streets and Main Street will become the focus for community events with the potential to close the street when events are being conducted.

A network of smaller open spaces will be connected to the larger open space areas including Melba Park and the Lillydale Lake.