In 2019, the Yarra Ranges Shire launched an exciting project to transform Lilydale Road into a more people-friendly place.

Historically, Lilydale Road has been host to mostly industrial functions. The face of the street has evolved to a more retail and community focus, warranting a streetscape that reflects this.

The project aimed for a future Lilydale Road as a place for people to walk, pause, sit, and engage with Healesville and the surrounding businesses.

Previous Consultation

Phase 1 - Issues and Opportunities

Phase 1 Consultation - Issues and Opportunities


To understand how the space was being used and what improvements were needed


Oct-Dec 2019


Focus groups and workshops for key stakeholders including residents, landowners and businesses on and in close proximity to Lilydale Road

Online survey for surrounding properties, the broader community, and emergency services (45 submissions).

Key findings are listed below.

What was done with the feedback

This feedback was used to shape the concept designs which were presented for review and feedback in Phase Two.

Key Findings

Phase 2 - Concept Design

Phase 2 Consultation - Concept Design


To seek feedback on concept designs


March 2020


Correspondence and meetings with key stakeholders including residents, landowners, and businesses on and in close proximity to Lilydale Road

What we did with the feedback

Feedback was considered and included where possible in the final concept design.

Phase 3 – Review and check-in

Phase 3 Consultation - Check-in and review

Now that the project is complete, we want to hear from you. We'd love to know what you think of the space - including how you use it, and what you'd like to see in the future.

We'll be looking at how we can continue to improve the space in coming years.

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