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In 2019, Council launched a streetscape upgrade project to improve safety, amenity, and access along Lilydale Road, Healesville. This was in recognition of creating an area that balanced the needs of visitors to nearby businesses and community access to the area. With the upgrade now in place, we are checking in to find out how the space is working for you and if there are any tweaks or enhancements needed.

Before: Lilydale Road image before the works were completed After:

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    Friday 10th March 2023, 10:00am - 2:00pm

What do you think about the streetscape upgrades in Lilydale Road, Healesville?

Leave a 'post-it note' telling us how you are using the space, what you like or don't and any ideas or suggestions for enhancements you have.

24 March, 2023

Margaret Pike says:

visually ugly road too narrow dangerous 45 deg parking needs to be angled urban development in rural setting do planners have a clue?

22 March, 2023

Greg says:

Absolutely terrible! It's a dangerous & useless upgrade. It's too narrow & dangerous now, the parking blocks vision of on coming traffic.

21 March, 2023

Rob says:

It seems we have less parking. What are the concrete things all over the place.

18 March, 2023

Vonnie Frazer says:

It is absolutely dreadful and an embarrassment to Healesville. It is all bitumen and concrete. Whatever happened to a landscaping plan.

18 March, 2023

Grummy says:

Terrible. Narrow road with ridiculously wide footpaths. 90° parking that it impossible to reverse out without crossing lanes. Start again!

17 March, 2023

Wendy Chapman says:

Very dangerous. Once parked cannot get out as no view as to cars are driving past. Needs to be redone with angle parking.

16 March, 2023

Carol says:

Too hard to park in the 90 degree spaces, pedestrian crossing at McGrettons rd corner is dangerous and will result in pedestrians being stru

15 March, 2023

Bob Down says:

Parking a real issue. Too narrow, poor visibility, and to get out you need to stop traffic on the other! Road too narrow - dangerous!

15 March, 2023

Happy Jan says:

Purpose of works to improve safety. Not achieved - road is less safe than it was prior to works. Angled parks and wider road required 👍🏻

15 March, 2023

SpongeBob says:

Parking terrible. Access and visibility coming out of driveways and carpark is poor. Landscaping/fixtures not completed as per plans.

14 March, 2023

Jennie says:

What a disaster of a so called improvement, pavement is to wide. Parking should be angled, visibility not good reversing, road far to narrow

11 March, 2023

Beo says:

Put in a crossing at Maroondah hwy near Badger Creek Rd for all the tourists, school kids and locals.

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