The first phase of this strategy review is now complete.

You can follow the journey of the next phase here Housing Strategy 2023

What is it all about?

Council has an important role in planning and advocating for the community's future housing needs.

We are currently reviewing the existing Housing Strategy (2009) and preparing a new one. The strategy will help guide the types of homes that are built in Yarra Ranges and where they will go.

The strategy will include planning zones, overlays, and a lot of complex concepts and issues. For most of us though, 'housing' is more than a concept. Houses provide security, connection and belonging. 'Houses' are our homes, which are part of our neighbourhoods and our communities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Housing Strategy is a document that guides future residential development. It helps us plan for the changing needs of residents by putting the right type of homes in the right places.

The Strategy also guides the size and types of homes needed in the future to suit the population. It considers housing affordability, building design and accessibility, sustainability, and the impact of new housing on the character of neighbourhoods.

The state government requires all councils to have a Housing Strategy. It must meet the requirements of Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 (the Metropolitan Strategy that guides the visions for Melbourne’s growth to 2050) and support the application of residential zones through the Yarra Ranges Planning Scheme.

The state government has targeted 10,700 additional dwellings for the Yarra Ranges over the next 15 years to meet the community’s changing needs and accommodate the workforce needs of businesses.

Housing affects all residents and our housing needs change as we move through different stages of life. Ensuring there is a variety of housing types and an adequate supply of housing will enable our neighbourhoods to meet our community’s needs throughout all stage of life.

It is important that residents have a say in how housing and growth in the Yarra Ranges is managed.

The current Housing Strategy was adopted by Council in 2009. This review will look at the work that has happened since then and at housing issues facing Yarra Ranges communities into the future.

The Housing Strategy when it is completed later in the year, will include an analysis of the housing stock we already have, the housing we need, and where new housing can be located. It will also consider and include actions on:

  • Housing diversity
  • Housing location
  • Housing sustainability
  • Housing design and accessibility
  • Housing affordability and social housing

The final Housing Strategy adopted by Council will be used to update the Planning Scheme to achieve the desired outcomes.

The Strategy will also identify issues that Council cannot directly address but can advocate to other levels of government or agencies.

The draft Housing Strategy will be released for engagement in Phase 2.

The draft Housing Strategy will be released for comment in early 2023.

Phase 1 - What we heard

Throughout March and April we asked for feedback on the Housing Strategy Discussion Report.

The discussion paper asked the community to consider the following:

  • If your kids couldn't afford to buy a home in your local area in the future, would you still like them to be nearby? What if this meant living in a townhouse or apartment?
  • If you couldn't stay in your own home when you get older - or don't want three empty bedrooms and a big backyard - would you still like to live in your neighbourhood or community?
  • We all know the world is changing and new houses need to be built for our growing and changing population. What is it about your local area that is non-negotiable when it comes to new homes or neighbourhood character?

The feedback was consolidated, shared with Councillors and will be incorporated into the draft plan.

Read the Engagement Summary Report.

Phase 2 - What's next

The draft plan will be available November - December 2023 for feedback, before being presented to Council for consideration.