Community committee to advise Council appointed

Community members with disability will advise Council on strategy development, major projects and infrastructure, with a new Disability Advisory Committee (DAC) appointed.

Last year, community members were invited to express interest in joining the committee, whether they were a person with disability, an unpaid carer or represented a local service provider or community organisation.

The new DAC includes some former members and new members. This provides a balance of experience and fresh input to this important advisory committee.

Walling Ward Councillor and DAC Chair, Len Cox OAM, said the DAC had a crucial role to play, and an important voice in Council decisions.

“The DAC is one of our important committees – alongside our Positive aging reference group and our Indigenous Advisory Committee – who help inform the work we do across Yarra Ranges,” he said.

“Our last DAC was involved in many projects that have improved day-to-day life for people with disability – from redesigns of water fountains to be accessible for people in wheelchairs and with limited dexterity, to modifications of chicanes at road crossings along the Warburton Trail to improve safety and to accommodate the wider turning circle of hand cycles, tandem bikes and motorised scooters.

“Some of this work is fixing poor design from the past, which ignored the needs of people with disability, and some of it is pitching ideas, discussing proposals and guiding us on what we can do better in the future.

“This links back to our goal of having an active, engaged and involved community – and it’s crucial that people with disability are heard and represented in Government.

“I’m looking forward to working with our new DAC, hearing their perspectives and representing them in the Council Chamber.”

The Disability Advisory Council meets eight times throughout the year.

The Committee presents an Annual Report to Council containing the Committee’s actions and key achievements over the previous 12month period and detailing the Committee’s key plans and goals over the upcoming 12 months.

For further information, visit Yarra Ranges Council Disability support services or email Amanda at

Frequently asked questions

The Disability Advisory Committee (DAC) helps ensure that access and inclusion are at the front and centre of decision-making processes at Council. This advice helps guide the types of programs, projects and services that enable us to create an active, engaged and involved community.

DAC will help shape our future and provide authentic access that is inclusive to all. This includes:

  • Helping Council to identify, understand and respond to the needs of people with disability and their carers by providing an authentic voice of people with lived experience of disability.
  • Upskilling Committee members to navigate the Local Government processes, helping reach their advocacy goals.
  • Honouring Council’s commitment to key Council policies and strategies including the Council Plan and Health and wellbeing Plan.
  • Advising on the development and review of key Council strategies, policies and plans.
  • Assisting Council to meet its legislative requirements as it relates to the inclusion of people with disability.

We are currently recruiting new members including:

  • People with a disability
  • Representatives of a service provider for people with a disability, or a relevant local or peak community organisation
  • Unpaid carers of a person with a disability

The Advisory Committee is supported and attended by relevant Council staff and nominated Councillors.

We encourage people from all walks of life with a strong connection to Yarra Ranges to apply.

We are looking for people who feel they will be able to make a four-year commitment to the group.

We currently meet every 2 months.

Meetings are held at the Lilydale Council Offices, 15 Anderson Street, Lilydale or via video conference depending on the circumstances.

A light lunch will be provided.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or want to learn more about the committee, contact us below:

Name Amanda May
Phone 1300 368 333
In writing

PO Box 105, Lilydale Vic 3140