The Aquatic & Leisure Strategy 2022 - 2033 was endorsed by Council on 9 April 2024. We thank community for providing feedback to inform this project.

The Draft Aquatic and Leisure Strategy 2023-33 aims to create a network of facilities that offer a wide range of activities and programs for everyone in our community. We want to provide adventure, leisure, education, health, and fitness programs for all.

To develop this strategy, we considered market research, community input, and facility requirements. In addition to considering the needs of our current residents, we also took into account population growth, demographic influences, and emerging trends in participation and facility usage. We understand that our community is constantly evolving, and it's important for us to adapt to meet the changing needs.

We also understand the financial impact that these facilities have and have carefully considered the costs and benefits of any proposed upgrades or renewals.

This strategy defines the important role that aquatic facilities play in providing aquatic and leisure services across the Yarra Ranges.

Key Objectives

What you told us

Early in 2023 and to ensure that the community had a say in the development of the draft Strategy, we provided extensive engagement opportunities, including:

  • workshops and interviews,
  • community survey - 2040 responses received,
  • school survey - 12 schools responded,
  • 10 pop-up sessions - over 500 people attended and,
  • social media outreach - 7. Facebook posts, 4 digital newsletter inclusions, 4 Instagram posts.

We heard that

What we are doing

In the draft strategy, we have addressed these key themes by developing objectives that will prioritise participation, inclusion, wellbeing and financial sustainability with recommendations and actions that will:

  • Recognise the high value placed on aquatic facilities and services by the community and ensure that access to these facilities is provided within a reasonable drive of residents' homes.
  • Respond to the ongoing demand for Learn to Swim programs by prioritising investment in additional pool space at existing indoor centres.
  • Address the need for a contemporary warm water program pool to support rehabilitation and therapy activities.
  • Respond to the need for school carnival space by heating and improving change facilities at Healesville Outdoor Pool.
  • Create welcoming, accessible, and inclusive facilities to encourage participation from individuals of all abilities and backgrounds.
  • Consider the potential development of a municipal indoor aquatic and wellness centre that offers multiple pools and service opportunities in Lilydale.

Engagement summary

The feedback from over 2,000 surveys and more can be found here. It was one of the factors considered in the Draft Strategy.

How to be involved

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Come and have a chat to our officers about the draft Aquatic and Leisure Strategy at the following events:

Cire Yarra Junction Halloween Event
Cire Community Hub, Yarra Junction
Tuesday 31 October 4.0-6

Monbulk Aquatic Centre,
26 Baynes Park Rd, Monbulk
Monday 13th November 2.30-4.30

Kilsyth Festival, Elizabeth Bridge Reserve, Kilsth
Sunday 26 November 10-2

Lilydale Street Fair, Main Street Lilydale
Saturday 2 December 10-12

Healesville Outdoor Pool - Don Road, Healesville

Friday 8 December 2-4pm