Wesburn Park Master Plan Update

Council asked community members for feedback on a Draft Master Plan, which maps out the future of Wesburn Park.

The park is home to a playground, bicycle paths, change rooms, a dog off-lead area, grassy areas, picnic tables, seating, shade areas and toilets.

The Upper Yarra Adult Riders Club, Upper Yarra Pony Club, Wesburn Junior Football Club and Yarra Junction Cricket Club call the park home, and there are plenty of features in the park for visitors of all interests and ages.

Council creates Master Plans to map out how an area (such as a park or recreation reserve) will change over a long period of time (up to 10 or 20 years).

These changes could include adding in buildings, park equipment, playgrounds, paths or features that we've identified a need for, from community feedback, data and trends.

When we create a Master Plan, we gather feedback from the community about what they would like to see in an area and use that, along with data and expert opinion, to create a draft plan.

The Draft Master Plan is then put back out to the community, so we can get more feedback and ensure our plan has got all the details and ideas right.

We can’t always include everyone’s ideas or suggestions into a Draft Master Plan, but we’ll look over everyone’s feedback and create something that works for the community, while planning for future residents and visitors.

Once the draft plan has been out for public feedback, it will be discussed at a public Council meeting and be endorsed.

After that happens, we'll start working on the projects in the plan.

For this project, we gathered feedback in February-March 2020 and used that to create our Draft Master Plan. After this engagement period, we'll update the draft based on the feedback we've received, then send it to a public Council meeting to be endorsed.

What you've told us so far

The majority of survey respondents used the park for equestrian activities. Recent community engagement about the Warburton Mountain Bike Destination has also been factored into the Master Plan, as the park does not currently have any established use for cycling.

We've used that feedback to create a Draft Master Plan, which maps out the next 10 years for the park.

So far, we've met with:

  • Reserve tenants and user groups
  • Local and regional schools
  • Local community organisations and service providers
  • Melbourne Water
  • Department of Environment Land Water and Planning

We heard from more than 500 community members who told us they wanted Council to work on the following areas.

In the feedback we've received to date, there's been great suggestions about what could be improved with the off-lead dog area's placement.

We've included a new potential option which realigns the off-lead dog area to maintain this space for current users, based on the community's feedback. This realignment proposes to include some car parking and fencing to ensure a large, safe space is provided for dog off lead users at Wesburn Park and to redistribute 60 car spaces from the original plan around the oval.

We'd love to get your feedback on the potential alternative design for the Wesburn Park off-lead dog area.

Click here to view form.

  • Possible security camera monitoring
  • Additional lighting, possible use of solar-powered LED smart lighting

1-3 years

  • Install outdoor building lighting on pony club
  • Install stairs to southern access of upper arena
  • Renew pony club storage structure and social rooms with similar structure

3-5 years

  • Possible gating of the reserve
  • Landscape and parking design to improve passive surveillance
  • Refurbished toilets

3-5 years

  • New community building with shared facilities to support emergency services
  • Multi use play area

5-10 years

  • Improved car parking, including accessible parking
  • Outdoor learning spaces

3-5 years

  • Improved wayfinding signage
  • Repair and resurfacing of damaged circuit track

5-10 years

  • Possible future connection to Warburton Trail
  • Possible future connection to mountain bike trail
  • Mountain bike shuttle drop off/pick up
  • Connecting path around the ovals
  • Visual screen for horse and bike separation at circuit track
  • Pony club renewal holding yards to suit larger horses and include lower rail for ponies

1-3 years

  • Investigate the opportunity to establish a 1600m equestrian trail loop

3-5 years

  • Shade structure between ovals
  • Perimeter walking/cycling circuit
  • Possible future pump track for bike education
  • Lighting, landscaping and improved fencing at upper horse arena

5-10 years

  • Wesburn Park EPIC - for use by cricket, football and soccer clubs, SES, CFA, ECOSS, outdoor education service providers and community groups
  • Shelter for horse arena spectators
  • Possible future mountain bike skills park
  • Bike wash facilities