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Upwey's Town Centre has a variety of businesses serving both locals and visitors. Recently Council has been taking steps to enhance the township, with improvements including outdoor dining activations, skate park and playground upgrades, and the pedestrian shelter.

We are now creating a Town Centre Masterplan to further reinvigorate the public areas in Upwey’s Shopping Precinct, made up of Main Street, the connection to Burwood Highway and Morris Road, and the important community access link from Main Street to View Street.

The project has emerged from previous Council studies and plans, together with advocacy from the community. By improving accessibility and creating a lively, welcoming space for the community, the goal is to see the centre become a thriving heart for Upwey. The Masterplan is also another way Council can support local businesses.

We are seeking your thoughts and aspirations about the streets and open space areas in the town centre. The information and insights received will inform the development of a draft Masterplan to guide improvements in the identifed areas.

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The scope of this Masterplan is within the highlighted area

map highlighted with masterplan scope area

Previous community advocacy

Council recognises community stakeholders’ groups as partners in decision making, and we will continue to engage during the process of this Masterplan through to delivery.

Upwey Community Group (UCG) have identified their key objectives and opportunities after meetings with the community. An overview of the key findings and ideas can be viewed below and will help to inform our community consultation.

Upwey Community Group Planning Day 2023