Trees are a significant part of life in Yarra Ranges. They are connected to our;

  • traditional and modern cultures
  • landscape and significant places
  • health and wellbeing
  • environment and ecology
  • tourism and economy
  • community identity, and more.

Draft Tree Canopy Strategy Objectives

Healthy mature trees take decades to grow and provide great benefit to the community and the environment. We will value and protect trees to minimise canopy cover loss and manage our trees to maximise their benefits and minimise risk. Our community will be well informed and understand the role, function and importance of trees.

We will strive to grow healthy and resilient trees on public land. Our tree planting will be fairly distributed, increase canopy cover and integrate with urban design and engineering.

Culturally significant trees are an important part of the landscape that shapes the identity of Yarra Ranges and makes it a tourism destination. We will aim to conserve and enhance culturally significant trees through best practice tree management and enhance culture and tourism with new tree plantings.

Trees will play an increasingly important role as our community seeks to adapt to the effects of climate change. We will grow a more diverse and resilient tree canopy, better suited to a future climate, and investigate ways to improve landscape resilience.

We will manage our trees to maximise their cooling benefit and enhance the liveability of our urban areas. Our tree planting will prioritise locations with low or declining canopy cover, particularly those vulnerable to heat. We will continue to implement and adapt our management practices to minimise the risks associated with extreme weather and bushfire.

We will strategically manage public trees as important community assets. We will be accountable and transparent in meeting our targets and demonstrate best practice in delivering tree programs and projects that benefit our community.

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