Works Summary

Proposed works for Sylvia Road, Hoddles Creek:

  • Approximately 1100 metres of 5 metre wide bitumen spray seal pavement following the existing road formation over 150mm crushed rock base
  • Gravel shoulders utilising existing table drains


In 2018, landowners petitioned to Council for the construction of Sylvia Road, Hoddles Creek as a special charge scheme.

In March 2021, landowners along Sylvia Road, Hoddles Creek were surveyed to determine their support for a special charge scheme to construct the road.

A majority of landowners supported the proposal and the project has since been referred for inclusion in Council’s forward 10-year Capital Expenditure Program (CEP).

Projects are prioritised according to Council’s current commitments, priorities and funding levels. The CEP is reviewed on an annual basis in order to cater for current priorities.

Landowners will be further advised of the status of the project, after Council consider the draft CEP in June 2022.

Project Timeline

  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Landowner consultation

    • Questionnaire sent to all landowners affected to gauge your support for proposal.
    • Special Charge Scheme road construction projects only proceed where both Council and a majority of landowners are supportive of the proposal.

    Landowner survey complete.

  • Timeline item 2 - complete


    • Council’s Project Engineer will coordinate feature survey and design

  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    Landowner briefing

    • Accessible online via Council’s website.
    • Invitation letter sent to landowners
    • The briefing will outline design and Special Charge Scheme Statutory process.
    • Transcript available in related links

  • Timeline item 4 - complete

    Intent to levy

    • Report to Council 24 May 2022 View agenda & minutes
    • Intent to Levy Notice sent to landowners
    • Landowners may submit formal submissions
    • Review of submissions
    • Report to Council with submissions 26 July 2022 View agenda & minutes
  • Timeline item 5 - complete


    • Declaration of Special Charge Scheme Notice sent to landowners
    • Landowners may apply for Council’s Declaration of the Special Charge to be reviewed at VCAT
    • If no appeals to VCAT the project will be tendered
    • If an appeal is lodged at VCAT the project will be put on hold until a written decision has been made
  • Timeline item 6 - active


    • Contractor engaged via tender
    • Notification of works commencement letter sent to landowners
    • Works complete
    • Final costs of project reported to Council
    • Letter sent to landowners to notify final cost

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