The Resilient Energy Precinct project team ran a survey in early 2023, asking Monbulk locals for their input on our microgrid feasibility study. 46 community members, a mix of small businesses and residents, responded. The project team will now conduct a detailed assessment of the findings and work it into the microgrid modelling, but some high level findings are as follows –

  • Community members are interested and have taken proactive steps to improve the energy systems on their own properties
    • Almost half of the respondees have solar already on their property, with majority of those without solar currently interested or have planned to install panels
    • Over 80% of respondees are interested, have planned, or already have a battery on their property. 65% of respondees have a generator or are interested in purchasing one.
  • All respondees reported that power outages have an impact on their lives, with 35% having a major inconvenience and 65% a minor inconvenience
  • Energy resilience at community facilities was reported as the highest priority, with reducing emissions and cost of energy bills next.

All survey respondents who expressed interest in participating in the study have been added to our project e-newsletter to be provided with updates.

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Yarra Ranges Council is currently working on microgrid feasibility studies in Healesville, Yarra Junction, and Monbulk.

The Resilient Energy Precincts Project aims to explore these resilience, cost, and net zero considerations, to develop a feasibility study for a microgrid system centred around the Monbulk community. It also reflects similar action documented in Council’s Liveable Climate Plan, an action plan detailing how we will respond to the threat of climate change in the Yarra Ranges.

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