An interconnected network for electricity delivery from producers to consumers over a wide area is known as an energy grid. A microgrid is a scaled down version of an energy grid; it operates on a local scale to connect businesses and homes to nearby energy resources such as solar panels and battery storage.

Yarra Ranges Council is currently participating in several feasibility studies that assess how to power select communities using microgrids.

Microgrids have the potential to help communities become more resilient to power outages related to extreme weather, reduce energy costs, and transition towards renewable energy.

Monash University in partnership with Birdwood Energy and Yarra Ranges Council would like to invite the communities of Monbulk to participate in the Resilient Energy Precincts feasibility study for the Yarra Ranges Shire

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Yarra Ranges Council is currently working on microgrid feasibility studies in Healesville, Yarra Junction, and Monbulk.

The Resilient Energy Precincts Project aims to explore these resilience, cost, and net zero considerations, to develop a feasibility study for a microgrid system centred around the Monbulk community. It also reflects similar action documented in Council’s Liveable Climate Plan, an action plan detailing how we will respond to the threat of climate change in the Yarra Ranges.

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