This naming proposal came about as a result of an historic planning application that sought ‘building and works to construct two dwellings and a shop’ at 93 Switchback Road, Chirnside Park. The dwellings were conditionally approved on the basis that the road at the rear of the property be named in order to connect services.

The properties affected by this proposal will be the owner/s of 93 Switchback Road Chirnside Park and any tenants if applicable. There are two expected units that will need to change their address for the efficient navigation of emergency services.

Under the guidelines from the Office of Geographic Names in accordance with the Naming Rules, the proposed name is 'Strawberry Way'. The name has been chosen based on the history of strawberry farms in the area situated on the northern side of Switchback Road. Farming and grazing are still common in the area as are domestic and commercial farms.


  • Timeline item 1 - active

    Seek feedback from community about the proposal

  • Timeline item 2 - incomplete

    Once consultation has closed officers will collate the feedback. The Manager, Infrastructure Services has delegation to officially name the road.

    • A majority of support for the proposal must be obtained.
    • All submitters will be notified of the outcome and next steps.
  • Timeline item 3 - incomplete

    Naming Authority lodges the proposal with Geographic Names Victoria

  • Timeline item 4 - incomplete

    Registrar considers the proposal

  • Timeline item 5 - incomplete

    Gazettal of the proposed name

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