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About the project

Funded by the State Government through the Lilydale Revitalisation Program, the Lilydale Street Art Project has been developed in conjunction with several other revitalisation projects to improve public space, stimulate local jobs and improve community connection and activity.

The extensive engagement from the Lilydale Place Plan (2018) has informed many of the projects for the revitalisation projects and has been considered in the development of the artists brief for the Lilydale Street Art work. An online community workshop and session with the Youth Advisory Group contributed to the artist brief, as well as community feedback directed into the website. To view some of the suggestions for themes please refer to the post it notes at the bottom of the page.

Artwork location

The project produced one large professional mural in Lilydale’s activity centre, at 190 Main Street, Lilydale.

The wall overlooking Lions Park was selected as it provides an expansive canvas, is visual from the main street and will compliment rejuvenation works being completed as part of the Olinda Creek improvements and Lions Park Master Plan, by late 2022.

How were the artists and design selected?

The artists were selected through a limited competition commissioning process. Community input and an artist brief provided the applicants with room to interpret themes and build on concepts.

A selection panel of Council staff and community members, including young people, reviewed concept submissions from Yarra Ranges and Melbourne-based artists and provided a recommendation to Council on which artist/collective to commission

16 December, 2021

Tom says:

Traditional wurundjeri art and paintings as much as possible

16 December, 2021

Ren says:

Bright, vibrant artworks reflecting the transition from urban to rural. Both indigenous and European flora as reflected in the area.

16 December, 2021

Simone says:

Love subtle images within mural for young children to find while admiring. Eg. A key of what to look for : 1 x ringtail, 2 x ladybugs etc

16 December, 2021

Bec Gilbert says:

Local Birdlife with names and a map of Lilydale where you can find them.

15 December, 2021

John Whelan says:

We often hear about the likes of Nellie Melba etc. I'd like a tribute to the hard working people who worked in the Quarries Orchards etc.

8 December, 2021

John Brown says:

It needs to capture people’s imagination, the key elements should be mystery and intrigue. It should also make us question the meaning.

5 December, 2021

Benson says:

Highly colourful & bold, local first nations people's theme. Lifting everyone's spirits & attracting visitors to view from far & wide.

5 December, 2021

Philip Burton says:

Daring, colourful, modern, something that makes you want to stop, look and think about it. Don't particularly want it to be people.

30 November, 2021

kylie draper says:

Bold art please, include famous people with connections to Lilydale i.e. Dame Nellie melba, Archie Roach with first nations themes.

30 November, 2021

klu says:

It should uplift and give us a bounce in our step, remind us of the beauty of the area

27 November, 2021

Amanda says:

I like the idea of Lilydale linking urban and regional environments. Something modern and vibrant in feel and colour. No sepia tones!

27 November, 2021

BDOFL says:

Something that would lift our spirits. An outstanding design we would be proud of.