Council is giving notice of its intention to extend the terms of its current lease with Lyrebird College Limited, for the land at Part 12 Kelso Street, Coldstream.

Currently in its second year, the existing lease has a term of five years with one further term of four years (total nine years). Council intends to extend the lease by two additional teams of five years, bringing the total lease period to 19 years.

By extending the lease period, Council will provide Lyrebird College adequate security of its tenancy to apply for Government grant funding.

Under the amended lease, the land would continue to be used for an education facility for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Aerial map of part 12 Kelso Street Coldtream

Council is giving notice as per Section 190 of the Local Government Act. This notice was also advertised in the 2 February edition of the Mountain Views Mail community newspaper.

Any person may make a submission on this proposal, but submissions must be made before 5 March, 2021.

Any person making a submission may request in their submission that they wish to appear in person, or to be represented by a person specified in their submission, at a meeting.

All submissions will be considered in accordance with Section 223 of the Local Government Act.

Make a submission

All submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer and sent to, or posted to the following address:

Public Submission,

The Chief Executive Officer,

PO Box 105,

LIlydale, Victoria, 3140

Submitters should be aware that all submissions are required to be available for public inspection.