Council has received State and Federal funding to transform the large (2.7ha) former Coldstream Railway Station site from an unused open space into a key community asset. The project aims to provide a range of new facilities for the Coldstream and Yarra Ranges community and to enhance the attraction and visitor experience of those using the Yarra Valley Trail.

It will be a space for new riding/scooting/skating experiences, gathering with friends and family, and enjoying the fresh air and open space. The main focus of this activation is the Pump Track.

Construction coming soon

Drum roll, please..........the winning design is Option #2 (check out the Phase 2 tab to remind yourself about all 3 options).

An impressive 44.6% of respondents chose Option #2 as their preferred design.

Of the 271 votes received, around 50% of people were from Yarra Ranges, including 9.38% from Coldstream.

We also listened to your specific feedback on the design and have made adjustments to reflect your input. This includes adding a beginner loop and making sure the track is more accessible. Council will also continue to advocate to the State Government for a pedestrian crossing along Maroondah Highway.

The full concept document is quite large to download, but check out the selection of images and the video 'fly over' below to get an idea of what is coming to Coldstream!

Weather permitting construction will begin in mid-September 2022.

Select images from the final concept design

An animated flyover of the Coldstream pumptrack

Phase 2

How your feedback shaped the designs

We have received 49 contributions from 44 contributors! We have created three concept designs based on your feedback.

  • As a result of your feedback:
  • All designs are suitable for all skills levels, with fast flowing shapes that can be ridden at all levels
  • Track options are clear in the way they have be ridden - including optional lines for upskilling
  • We've added seating and shade
  • All options are suitable for a variety of wheeled users, BMX, MTB scooters and skateboards
  • We've included a platform for gathering, resting and viewing along the Yarra Valley Trail
  • We're considering extending the car park

The pump track features:

  • Berm
  • Batter
  • Roller
  • Double roller
  • Hiped roller
  • Transfer complex
  • Step up - Cradle - Step down
  • Table top jump
  • Flower burn

Phase 1

Children's drawing of track design

Design your new pump track

Calling all bike enthusiasts, local bike trail/track & jump users, skateboard & scooter riders and anyone who has an interest in this project to help design a track that meets your needs. Get creative, work with us, share your ideas and experience, lets design this together.

Key features you might like to include in your design:

  • Table top jumps (is a jump that consists of a flat and level top, then a backside. These can be very long on some tracks)
  • Beginner jumps (smaller jumps to increase the confidence of beginner riders)
  • Rollers (Refers to a single bump that is not too steep or sharp and can be ridden over at speed without being flung into the air too aggressively)
  • Berms (A berm is a banked corner. A typical track will feature 3 or 4 berms)
  • Resting platforms or viewing areas