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Road rehabilitation and improvement works

Before: Blacksmiths way with damaged road surface and bins lining the street After: Artist impression of completed road improvement works

Road rehabilitation and improvement works are about to start on Blacksmiths Way, Belgrave.

The project, recently identified through community consultation, will significantly improve the laneway for businesses, residents and visitors. The works are jointly funded by Council and grant funding from Sustainability Victoria.

The current works include:

  • Asphalt resurfacing of the road pavement
  • Feature coloured surfacing.
  • Important information for businesses and local traders

    To carry out works, the road reserve of Blacksmiths Way will need to be clear of all obstructions. All bins and any other items currently in the road reserve, overhanging the road reserve or within 50cm of the concrete drain [on the shop side of the laneway] will need to be relocated onto properties.

    Private garbage and recycling collections can occur as usual, if the collection times fall outside construction working hours [7.30 am to 4.30 pm weekdays]. If usual collection times fall within the construction working hours, arrangements must be made to organise alternative collection times that do not fall within the construction working hours timeframes.

    Council garbage and recycling collections will occur as usual.

    Please be aware that while we will make every attempt to keep disruptions to a minimum, due to the nature and extent of the works, there are likely to be some disruptions to access and traffic flow during normal construction working hours [7.30 am to 4.30 pm weekdays].

    Due to the restrictions of the road environment, it is likely that lengthy delays will be experienced during the periods of the construction works.

    Plan of road improvement works on Blacksmiths way

    Stage 1

    We're developing a Landscape Masterplan for Blacksmiths Way, funded in partnership with the State Government, as part of the Sustainable Infrastructure Fund initiative.

    The masterplan will identify issues with the public open space and provide a range of design solutions to improve it.

    The plan will include improving the functionality of the laneway as a service area, increasing connectivity to the train station,

    improving safety in the space, and identify other opportunities to activate the space.

    What we've heard so far

    We recently consulted to find out more about the issues and opportunities in Blacksmith Way. The feedback is presented in the maps below.


    Click on the icons to learn more about the location based issues identified.

    General issues

    We also heard:

    • Car parking obstructs viewing of artworks and passage.
    • Blacksmiths Way is not inclusive for all users
    • Bins are stored in the laneway
    • The back of buildings do not fully take advantage of access to the laneway
    • Drainage issues occur during high rain events
    • Space is not designed for pedestrians and cyclist
    • No signage at the station
    • Damaged or dilapidated fence along railway boundary
    • Lack of lighting along laneway


    Click on the icons to learn more about the located based opportunities identified.

    General opportunities

    We also heard:

    • Shared zone laneway with the potential for car free weekends
    • Promote street art, festivals and markets
    • Improve bin storage
    • Provide lighting, seating and bins
    • Promote water sensitive urban design initiatives
    • Provide areas of planting
    • Resurface the road
    • Activate the back of the building, encouraging traders to open their business to the lane too

    What do you think?

    Do you agree with what we've heard? Would you like to add your feedback? Share your opportunities or issues for Blacksmiths Way.

    21 July, 2021

    pauline klemm says:

    The Lane could become arts and market precinct. Thousands of people flock to melbourne to see the street art, lets encourage them to belgra

    20 July, 2021

    Corry says:

    Where oh where are we going to park for these events and what will be done about traffic flow. Traffic bypass? safe overpass for pedestrian?

    20 July, 2021

    O says:

    New Drainage could incorporate rain garden into design.

    15 July, 2021

    Jewel says:

    It is indeed a very unattractive area, back of shops, dirty, graffiti Rubbish! The view from railway station when walking up to Belgrave

    14 July, 2021

    Trish Flanagan says:

    Pls do not remove access for vehicles until more parking is avail. Need to ensure access from the rear of 1700 to deliver to 5+ local school

    13 July, 2021

    Jonathan Levin says:

    Rename the lane to Wurundjeri Walk?

    13 July, 2021

    Sooki Lounge says:

    We need the connection to the multi level car park anything is a waste of money and time as you have been told multiple times.

    13 July, 2021

    Mary Grace says:

    How about a standing statue of original activities in the ravine- bronze relief of first nations personality, or local food and festivities?

    12 July, 2021

    Jen says:

    Love to see some referencing to First Nations people in the laneway and other spaces. Art, naming of place, plants etc in language

    12 July, 2021

    Shaktiji says:

    Must have better lighting. Using back entrances would be inviting. Please add First Nations peoples stories, artwork and information.

    4 July, 2021

    Rory says:

    Storage area under the public toilets may be able to house in vessel food waste composting unit. This will reduce the need for smelly bins.

    2 July, 2021

    Larry says:

    At the moment it's an eyesore. Hide the bins, remove the cars and make it an urban park like a mini Highline. Great spot for market.

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