We're developing a Landscape Masterplan for Blacksmiths Way, funded in partnership with the State Government, as part of the Sustainable Infrastructure Fund initiative.

The masterplan will identify issues with the public open space and provide a range of design solutions to improve it.

The plan will include improving the functionality of the laneway as a service area, increasing connectivity to the train station,

improving safety in the space, and identify other opportunities to activate the space.

What we've heard so far

We recently consulted to find out more about the issues and opportunities in Blacksmith Way. The feedback is presented in the maps below.


Click on the icons to learn more about the location based issues identified.

General issues

We also heard:

  • Car parking obstructs viewing of artworks and passage.
  • Blacksmiths Way is not inclusive for all users
  • Bins are stored in the laneway
  • The back of buildings do not fully take advantage of access to the laneway
  • Drainage issues occur during high rain events
  • Space is not designed for pedestrians and cyclist
  • No signage at the station
  • Damaged or dilapidated fence along railway boundary
  • Lack of lighting along laneway


Click on the icons to learn more about the located based opportunities identified.

General opportunities

We also heard:

  • Shared zone laneway with the potential for car free weekends
  • Promote street art, festivals and markets
  • Improve bin storage
  • Provide lighting, seating and bins
  • Promote water sensitive urban design initiatives
  • Provide areas of planting
  • Resurface the road
  • Activate the back of the building, encouraging traders to open their business to the lane too

What do you think?

Do you agree with what we've heard? Would you like to add your feedback? Share your opportunities or issues for Blacksmiths Way. (max 140 characters).

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15 June, 2021

elizabeth says:

“i like what you're planning! it sounds like it will make blacksmiths way a destination rather than a confused afterthought.”

15 June, 2021

shane says:

“Hi there, please take a bulldozer and level the entire strip, starting from the rear of the hub right through to the old Belgrave motors.”

10 June, 2021

Belgrave local says:

“Please clean up & tidy, improve paving for walkers, make it more beautiful, nice plants, tidy large waste bins, it's 1st thing visitors see”

10 June, 2021

Janzz says:

“Can you first tell me where it is? There is no suburb mentioned so I don't know whether or not it is relevant. ”

9 June, 2021

IanRainbow says:

“Yes to street festivals, regular markets. Improve flanking vegetation. Involve Railways/Puffing Billy to improve tourism attractiveness.”

9 June, 2021

IanRainbow says:

“Yes to traders opening to lane. Better to cover it to have service access below, pedestrian promenade above. Better for tourism.”

9 June, 2021

Jewel25 says:

“Get rid of amenities Get rid of graffiti Make it bright clean leafy and interesting! Undercover and protection from wind”

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