Project Update - February 2023

Council has received written confirmation from the Commonwealth Government’s Minister for Infrastructure Hon Catherine King MP, of the funding cuts to the Roads for Community program, which will see $47.7 million honoured from the original $150 million commitment.

With this level of funding, Council can continue to progress works on all road projects that have commenced construction, and projects where the contract for works have been awarded.

Unfortunately, there is now insufficient funding for this project to proceed.

We are extremely disappointed that funding to this Community Infrastructure Program has been slashed by over $100M, and Council will continue to advocate to have program funding fully restored.

To read more, visit our funding cuts FAQ's.

Works Summary

The objective of the proposed road construction is to provide a sealed road that will improve vehicle access to properties, reduce dust and ongoing current maintenance requirements while also improving the management of stormwater runoff.

To achieve this objective, it is proposed to construct:

  • Asphalt pavement approximately 3.5 metres wide
  • Concrete rollover kerb and channel or edge strip and associated underground drainage as required

Total road length to be constructed is approximately 626 metres.

Property Crossovers

As part of the works, any existing property crossovers will be reinstated to the new road level using a similar material and as close to their current standard as possible.

If a landowner wishes to have their crossover upgraded from crushed rock to concrete or asphalt as part of the project, they may approach the contractor undertaking these works for a quotation, noting that this is a private agreement between the landowner and the contractor.


In 2019 the Federal Government announced a nine year, $150 million funding plan for Yarra Ranges Council to seal roads within the Dandenong Ranges and surrounding areas. This funding program has been named the Roads for the Community Initiative.

Council has prioritised roads that will be constructed through this program to ensure funding is used in a way that will provide maximum benefit to the greatest number of residents and visitors to our area. For information explaining how priority was assigned, please see Roads for the Community FAQ's.

This project has been listed for construction under the Roads for the Community Initiative program and will be facilitated by means of a Special Charge Scheme, whereby landowners and Council form a partnership to fund construction.

Project Timeline

  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Landowner consultation

    • Questionnaire sent to all landowners affected to gauge your support for proposal.
    • Special Charge Scheme road construction projects only proceed where both Council and a majority of landowners are supportive of the proposal.

    The questionnaire is now closed (August 2022).

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